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Box Black King Kong 3 Desktop Mini Case
Brand: Meiji
Model: Black King Kong 3
Applicable type: desktop computer
Chassis style: vertical
Compatible motherboard: MicroATX, ATX
Material: SECC sheet
Standard power supply: No standard power supply
Front interface: USB 2.0
Size: 30.5*16.5×35 (cm)
Product weight: 3 (KG)
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Internet Cafe Chassis-Black King Kong 3

Product SeriesInternet cafe chassisInternal hardware characteristicsExternal hardware characteristics
Type of machineATX0.5SPCC0.5SPCC roasted sand black
total measurement305*165*350MM
Inventory code
Product Features1. Long-life double switch, meeting the use of 10,000 switch machines
2. Full body diamond protection, comprehensive fire and theft prevention
3. Rear large power supply and power supply anti-theft design
4. Front 12cm large fan (optional)  
5. INTEL 38℃ TAC1.1 standard cooling system design
6. Front USB socket, card reader bracket
7. Optional installation of intelligent intrusion alarm system
8. Keyboard, mouse anti-theft buckle
9. Safety anti-theft lock and external double safety lock
10. Ultra-saving space design, saving more than 40% of space than ordinary Internet cafes



Meiji Internet Cafe Chassis Black King Kong


Meiji Internet Cafe Chassis Black King Kong II


Meiji Internet Cafe Chassis Internet Cafe Master Deluxe Edition

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